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Japan News & Notes for the Week

December 6th, 2007 · No Comments · Japan News and Notes

This week I ran across a number of links that are more humorous than newsy and they are below, but first…

futomakizushi I pointed out in my post earlier this week all the things that Chiba has offer visitors. Adding to my list is Web-Japans recent article on trends in food in Chiba Prefecture. They highlight a very popular local specialty known as futomakizushi (large sushi roll), pictured on the right, which is quite beautiful and painstaking to create. They go on to indicate that Chiba is the number one peanut producer and a major producer of soy sauce in the nation. Chiba Tour provides some photos and information on how you can tour one of the soy sauce factories . I’ll be going if I can convince my family that three trains, a bus ride and a 15 minute walk are worth it!

Last week I posted about the travails of eating out in Japan and here is a comic strip about the plastic food that I referred to (from the Japan Times):

Catroon - Plastic Food

Then there are the products that come out of Japan. Here is one that would drive you crazy. It’s a flying alarm clock must be captured, as it flies around the room, and put back on a flat surface before it stops – from Tokyo Mango who also has found a bomb that needs to be diffused and one that runs around the room. Check them out!

Flying Alarm Clock

This is a game that defies explanation but would be hilarious to watch in action…..see more photos at the Tokyo Times.

Pants Pulling

I don’t use a lot of emoticons in my writing but What Japan Thinks has a listing of the thirty most popular ones in Japan. They definitely have an Asian flare and I didn’t know whether to laugh ????? or cry (ToT).

Have a great weekend!

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