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Atypical: 366 Parking Tickets in 296 Days!

June 4th, 2008 · No Comments · Atypical

Parking Tickets How is that possible?  A 26 year old man from Osaka somehow managed to rack up five tickets every four days, between July 2007 and April 2008 according to my calculations!  He was arrested on April 22nd after being caught on video by a parking monitor.

Police allege Osaka man committed 366 parking violations is how the headline reads in the Mainichi Daily News.  The car does not even belong to the man arrested and he admits to the parking violation on the day he got caught but is denying the remaining 365 allegations.

In addition to possible jail time this 26 year old man is facing fines totaling 5.7 million Yen or US$55,000.  Parking in Tokyo, a more expensive market than Osaka, averages USD$702/month and at that rate this young man could have paid to park his car legally for about 6.5 years for the amount he will have to pay for fines incurred over 10 months!

Photo Credit: Flickr, Parking Tickets
Source: Colliers, Consumers and Businesses Must Brace Themselves for Higher Parking Rates

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