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Shane Sakata

Shane BWSo who am I? I was born and grew up in a suburb of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and for the next few years I will be splitting my time between Tokyo, Japan and Honolulu, Hawaii.  I am a financial analyst/accountant (CMA) by training and am a little too analytical as a result of it if you ask my husband! I am a big baseball fan and my hobbies include reading, photography, traveling, cooking, knitting and crocheting, to name a few.

Even since I was a little girl I have always traveled.  My parents loved to get away but hated hotels and airplanes, so my sister and I would be wedged between my parents in a pick-up with a camper on the back and off we’d go to visit new places. I got to see most of the western United States and Canada that way.  I can still recall my mother reading us the history and interesting facts about the various places that we visited even when we really didn’t care, but then she had a captive audience.  I believe that is where my passion for seeing new places and learning about them was born.

Why Tokyo?  Back in 1994 the wonderful man that would become my husband was offered a job in the Tokyo area and claimed he wouldn’t go without me.  So after some careful consideration I packed up my life in Vancouver and moved to Tokyo with him.  We lived in Japan for four great years that we will never forget.  Now we are blessed with the opportunity to do it again and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  There are so many wonderful sights that I want to revisit and so many more that I have yet to see but the best part is that I get to take you along with me virtually.

I can be contacted at shanesakata [at] gmail [dot] com or check out some Other Stuff by Me.

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